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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Win, Win, Win with World Light ASP
Calling All Sales People and CSS Graphic Designers

WorldLightASP Affiliate Programs

Sales Affiliate

WorldLightASP needs sales people who are passionate about creating positive change. There are many businesses out there that need our service and we need you to help connect us. WorldLightASP Sales people receive a portion of the initial sale as well as a portion of all monthly fees for each customer that you bring us, for as long as they are a customer. Call Raja for details (503) 928 - 7711 or email

CSS Design Affiliates

WorldLightASP needs css graphic designers to help enhance our library of existing designs and to help create custom designs. Must have a determination to provide excellent service and care about our environment. Design affiliates receive a portion of monthly fee for each member using  their design as well as the lion share of any custom design work. Call Raja for Details (503) 928 - 7711 or email